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Tina is a lifelong artist whose current medium is homes: staging them to look beautiful and sell quickly. Tina is a certified home staging professional, having completed her certification in 2017. Homes staged by Tina often sell within 1-12 days, even if they have sat on the market for months. Multiple homes have sold either at or near asking.


From childhood, Tina would spend hours rearranging her garage which doubled as a playroom, to achieve the look and feel she sought. As an adult, Tina has staged homes of friends and families for decades, but has recently decided to make it her primary occupation. With a lifetime of experience creating inviting spaces, she can “see” how your home should be staged as soon as she walks through the door. This expertise and lifelong passion provides peace of mind, knowing you are in good hands and the work will be finished efficiently.


Also experienced in responding to emergencies, Tina can get the job done no matter what! She has worked and taught in Fire, Rescue, and EMS services for 36 years, which proves she can work well under pressure! As a community servant, she is trustworthy; you will never have to worry about the safety of your home or belongings.


Tina’s love of art has run a parallel track with her emergency services work. She owned an art studio called Tina’s Expressions of Nature in Chincoteague VA for many years, which later relocated to Salisbury MD. As the owner and artist, Tina’s creativity was not limited to her extensive portfolio of paintings. She also cut her own mats, frames and glass. Her thoroughness in executing her vision as an artist translates into her ability to stage your home beautifully, and ensure the job is done right!


Finally, Tina is a mother and a grandmother. She knows homes are about family, and her work reflects that. Many staging clients see the passion and heart in Tina’s work and request her help in arranging their next home. Many buyers love her style and ask to purchase the items she has used for staging!  


Because of her joie de vivre and love for her own family, Tina takes joy in watching other families move into a house that she has made a home. Whether sitting at your kitchen table or formal dining area, she works to create a vision of family and friends gathering, while letting their spirits fill with the love of each other and of life itself.


Tina will create a space that all will want to enter, relax, and never wish to leave. Relaxed Living at its best!

In my comfort zone❣__#relaxedlivingbysam
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